Google Adwords

With Google Ads, you can go through sales and branding faster than competitors.

Google Adwords

Be seen faster and better with Google Ads...

Measuring success

Targeted advertising

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Be seen faster and better with Google Ads...

Our Service

The Hamkare Google Ads team include various cases of advertising in the field of Google and web platforms
We provide suitable campaigns for you by conducting integrated and extensive advertising

Click Advertising

In this type of advertising, you pay for the click that the audience makes on your site, so that you can spend the least amount of money and get the most return.

Banner ads

Advertise on different sites using the allocated space so that your presence can be seen on all sites

Video ads

We broadcast your ads using popular video platforms so that you have a strong connection with your target audience

Application advertising

During the audience's use of different applications, your message will reach the audience in the form of video and images.

Retargeting ads

Encourage your lost customers to buy from the site again with optimal advertising, a huge share of sales is for lost customers...

YouTube ads

This web platform is one of the biggest and most important places for advertising to generate the right inputs and branding and make your product global.


Considering that pricing for Google AdWords products is required Correct understanding of Need is a customer Therefore, the exact price will be announced after the negotiation.

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      Be number one

      • Advising on landing page design
      • Manage in Tag Manager
      • Analysis of competitors
      • Digital marketing consulting
      • Unique retargeting
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      • Design of website campaigns
      • Keyword optimization
      • Keyword research
      • Regular reporting
      • advertising writing
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      • Management of events and goals
      • free promotion
      • competitors in keywords
      • Conversion rate optimization
      • Remarketing Google
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