Safe and reliable

Flexible with business

Analysis of competitors and Google Ads

Your appearance is not repeated

Compatible with mobile

SEO is completely technical

Hamkare is a versatile site

The task of a partner is to shorten your sales path, we will save energy for you with a dedicated site design human And we also save time, because we create a site for you according to your business needs Presentation without the need to spend time and go through additional steps to manage the online store Do the important data automatically and have integrated and specific data.

Exclusive sites have a specific process for your business, i.e. dedicated management panel, speed Top , Special appearance, mobile compatibility, ability to connect to financial programs, higher security than WordPress , Getting exclusive reports, filters and advanced discounts, infinite development and...

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Our Service

Collaborative team services including a wide range of technical activities and Advertiser
We are proud to be with you.

Branding and product introduction

The website is the front of your virtual advertising and nothing can replace an attractive and efficient site to attract and win the trust of your customers.

Exclusive processes

With a proper understanding of your needs, we have implemented dedicated sites to reduce the cost of human resources. Waste Let's fix the waste of information, time and repetitive processes

Compatible with mobile

Due to the exclusivity of our products, in addition to the feeling of being special, it is also possible to display them on mobile phones Full Managed to give a better feel to mobile users

SEO and speed optimization

Be faster than your competitors due to your skills in implementation and optimization, and also With Use SEO content to get ahead of your competitors

Exclusive plan

Due to the exclusivity of the site, the management plan section is designed according to the needs of the users in order to avoid the cost of managing the site

Continuous development

Dedicated sites have the possibility to add different sections and processes over time and become larger and more integrated sites.


Given that pricing for programming products requires Correct understanding of Need is a customer Therefore, the exact price will be announced after the negotiation.

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      Ready Template


      • Ready and professional theme
      • Quick setup
      • Affordable
      • Compatible with mobile
      • WordPress panel
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      Ecommrce Exclusive

      • Advanced analysis
      • Ability to connect to financial software
      • Privatization processes
      • Different on mobile
      • Exclusive panel
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      corporate Exclusive

      • Special and unrepeatable design
      • Technical and exclusive SEO
      • Compatibility with mobile
      • Fast and stable
      • Exclusive panel